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Dr. Shep


A Long Name

Dr. Shep’s full name is Dr. Schrepferman. But most people stick with Dr. Shep because it’s easier to pronounce. He answers to both!


Dr. Shep has made a career of helping his clients achieve their goal of having a family. He is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to each and every patient he sees. Whether it’s a consultation or a procedure, he is fully focused on the patient. Dr. Shep’s level of expertise, combined with his friendly personality, have allowed him to build an unparalleled reputation in the vasectomy reversal field. Not only will you receive the best care available at our clinic, but we’ll also make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed.


Dr. Shep is the only fellowship-trained vasectomy reversal doctor in Kentucky. That means, in addition to his medical training and residency program, he undertook additional specialized training devoted entirely to male fertility care. As a result of this extended training, Dr. Shep is one of the most highly sought-after vasovasostomy and vasoepididymostomy surgeons in the state. He also makes a point to put his clients at ease. We think that last bit is pretty important.

In addition to running his practice, Dr. Shep also works to advance the field of vasectomy reversal procedures through his teaching commitments and clinical research. He currently holds three teaching positions – two at the University of Louisville, and one at the University of Kentucky. He also hosts a rotation for urologists in training from the University of Kentucky.


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After receiving his undergraduate degree from Wabash College, Dr. Shep graduated with honors from the Indiana University School of Medicine.

After medical school, Dr. Shep completed a six-year urological surgery residency at the University of Iowa, where he perfected his expertise in the field of male reproductive medicine, and began to specialize in vasectomy reversals.

Pursuing his passion for urology, Dr. Shep was then accepted into the prestigious fellowship-training program of Dr. Larry Lipshultz, and spent a full year learning precise microsurgical techniques. During his time in the program, he performed microsurgical vasectomy reversals every day, including the challenging vasoepididymostomy procedure. This level of training is uncommon among vasectomy reversal surgeons in the area, but is critical to achieving high success rates. Dr. Shep is one of a handful of fellowship-trained urologic microsurgeons in the United States, and is the only one in the state of Kentucky.

Commitment To You

As one of the nation’s top vasectomy reversal practices, our job is to provide the highest level of care available.

“When a couple contacts my practice, they are interested in adding a child to their family. It is one of the most important decisions they will make, but sorting through the available treatment options can be overwhelming. My practice is dedicated to helping couples understand their options and assisting them throughout their journey,” says Dr. Shep.

When a client comes to our clinic, our goal is to educate them on their options and counsel them on the appropriate treatment plan. We will devote personal attention to each client, because your circumstances and story are unique and therefore your treatment must be unique to you.

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